Star Student October 2021: Daniel Davies

Personal Tutor: Will

When looking for options for starting my AAT Level 2 studies I talked to Will K who explained the process of signing up and helping me with getting started. For the past year, I have worked from home and studied from home with Distance-Learning. This has been something I thought I would struggle with but the support of the Accountancy Learning staff including Will Kettell has been incredible. I have been able to study at my own pace, and starting my AAT Level 2 at the end of August was the best thing I have done for my personal development. I look forward to starting Level 3 in December.

Personal Tutor comments:

Daniel has only been studying with us since July this year, but he has been going through his course with such a great speed. He is such a keen learner, and is really quick when it comes to completing all of his units and exams. Whenever he comes into the office for exams, he is always polite and friendly and a joy to have in the office! He works so hard and his results are a testament to how well he is doing and really embodies what a distance learning student needs to be, which is why he is our star student for this month. It has been a pleasure having you as one of our students Daniel, and please continue the good work you are doing!