Initial Assessment

As part of the assessment, it is too easy to take things for granted, in particular the actual skills that have been acquired by a particular qualification on a CV. Does that GCSE in English Language mean that they can spell properly and use grammar correctly? Does that GCSE in Maths mean that they have the numeracy needed for a career in accountancy?

We have a variety of initial assessment tools that we can make available to you:

Our Own
BKSB Assessments

If your intention is for your new member of staff to undertake an apprenticeship with us, we would complete the BKSB initial assessments as a matter of course. On receipt of the enrolment request form, we would issue an invitation to the prospective apprentice to complete the BKSB tests prior to our sign up visit. We could complete these earlier, prior to you offering the job, if you would prefer.

Also, if you have just taken on a new member of staff, perhaps with some prior practical experience, but are you are not sure at what Level of AAT they should start, you can ask them to complete the AAT’s Skill-Check here

If you would like to discuss this further do please give us a call on 01392 244071 or complete the attached enquiry form and we will get back to you.