Candidate Aptitude Test

A couple of years ago, one of our clients asked us if we could provide a pre-recruitment bookkeeping aptitude test for a candidate that they were interviewing the following week.

What a good idea.

The answer was therefore a resounding “Yes”!!

We therefore created a separate bookkeeping taster course and end of course test, using our online Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle.

How it works:

You enrol your candidate onto our Bookkeeping Aptitude Test (BAT),  and we send them (normally via you, so you can control it) a link to the course on Moodle and ask them to complete the training and submit the end of course test at least a day before the interview.

Candidates have to answer a series of questions covering the following bookkeeping areas:

  • Preparing journals for posting to the General Ledger
  • Completing the postings to the General Ledger T-Accounts
  • Balancing off the General Ledger Accounts and transferring the balances to the Trial Balance, balancing the Trial Balance (hopefully!!)
  • Answering some questions on debits and credits
  • Posting amounts to the Bank a/c in the General Ledger and balancing it off
  • Answering some questions on categorisation of certain account items


Most employers like to mark the test themselves as it gives them a better feel to the candidate’s competency. In these instances, we provide you a copy of the test and marking scheme/answers. You can then mark the candidate’s script prior to interview. The response to this process can also be a good test of candidates’ attitude.

On one weekend, we issued BAT to two prospective candidates for submission by Monday. One submitted first thing Monday morning, achieved 95% and was successfully recruited. The other only completed 1/3rd of the programme and advised the employer on the Monday that they had decided that accountancy was not for them – saving everyone a lot of wasted time and effort!


The Bookkeeping Taster Course and Aptitude Test (BAT) is provided for FREE where you will be using us to provide the subsequent apprenticeship training or if your purchases a copy of our bookkeeping induction course, The Balancing Act.

Where you don’t plan to use us, we will charge a nominal £15 + VAT per candidate in order to cover the administration involved.

Why Us

We are a multi award winning, accredited AAT training provider. For nearly 30 years we have worked closely with accountancy firms and industry finance departments to help them train and develop their staff. Many of our team also provide professional consultancy and practice management advice. As a result, we provide courses and training materials, such as the Bookkeeping Aptitude Test, to make the recruitment and ongoing development of your staff more effective.

Next Steps

If you are interested in discussing how this can be best used for your own needs, please contact:

Simon Deane at [email protected] or on 01392 435349