Screening candidates before or during the recruitment process (Talent Programme Part 2)

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Red Adair

Interviewing new staff can sometimes seem more of an art than a science. Those who “interview well” don’t always turn out to be so good in the office.

Recruitment can be a very time consuming and expensive business and very few of our clients enjoy the process! However, if recruiting is expensive, getting it wrong is even more expensive and even more time consuming. It is easy to waste 6 months by taking on the wrong person, losing them and then finding and recruiting a replacement.

Also “You’re not just recruiting employees. You are sowing the seeds of your reputation”. Your staff can and will be your shop-window. It is important that they not only fit in with your academic requirement but also your organisations’ ethos.

We are not recruitment consultants, we don’t charge recruitment fees,
but we can provide some tools you can use to push the balance back to there being some science in your recruitment process. Here are some of them:

These can be used before 1st interview (to inform that interview) or between the 1st and 2nd interview (to re-assure that your opinion from the 1st interview is backed up by tangible evidence.