Enrolment and starting the apprenticeship

This is the easy bit of the process!

Once you have decided to enrol a member of staff onto our apprenticeship programme, we ask you to complete an enrolment request form (you can download this by clicking on the button below) and then submit it to us!

Our programmes are “roll-on-roll-off”, so your member of staff can start their apprenticeship at any time of the year. The duration will also be flexed to suit the requirements of both you and your Apprentice (also taking into account the potential progression plans).

On receipt of the enrolment request form:

If you are a levy payer:

You will need to access your DAS (Digital Apprenticeship Service) account to invite us to deliver the apprenticeship. For instructions on how to do this please download our “Guide for Levy Paying Employers” here: 

If you are a non-levy payer:

If you don’t already have a DAS account, you will need to set one up as soon as possible. Once set up, you can invite us to deliver your chosen apprenticeship on the system. Here is a guide to explain both parts of this process.