Distance Learning Courses

We appreciate that an apprenticeship might not be suitable for all of your team. The government’s ambition for apprenticeships is to fund the development of “significantly new skills”. You may well have staff who already have those skills but do not have the qualification to back them up and might also need to “fill in some of the gaps” in their knowledge. If this is the case, then our range of distance learning courses are the answer…..and we like to think we are pretty good at it!!

As a previous winner of the AAT Distance Learning Training Provider of the Year Award and the AAT Champion Award, this is what we are renowned for:

We’ve also been shortlisted as AAT Apprenticeship Training Provider of the Year twice, including 2024.

...and that is why we are multiple AAT award winners!

Check Out Our AAT Pass Rates

Level 2 Certificate
Accountancy Learning 88%
AAT National Average 83%
Level 3 Diploma
Accountancy Learning 88%
AAT National Average 74%
Level 4 Diploma
Accountancy Learning 79%
AAT National Average 66%
We offer training for the following AAT qualifications:
We offer these courses in 3 packages:

If you’re not sure which course or which package you require, you or your member of staff might like to browse through the various options on our dedicated distance learning website – www.accountancylearning.co.uk . It seems silly to repeat everything here – and it is only a quick click away.

Alternatively, do please give us a call and we can chat through the options with you. You can contact any of us on 01392 435349 or on [email protected]. Alternatively, for a more in depth discussion about your training needs, you may want to contact Simon on [email protected]. He is very old (!?!) and has tons of experience in advising and training clients since he qualified as a Chartered Accountant back in 1981.