Seeking Candidates (Talent Programme Part 1)

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Guidance on job roles, job descriptions and daily/weekly/monthly accounts tasks checklists
  • Support in promoting your vacancy (on Apprenticeship website, your website and Indeed) 


Training Needs Analysis / Guidance on your training options

Simon has over 40 years’ experience in providing training and professional services to the accountancy profession, having qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1981.

As part of our Apprenticeship service to clients, we are happy to provide a Training Needs Analysis, either over the phone or via a Teams call. This can just review your current year’s recruitment and training plan, but ideally will look at the longer term in order for the review to have greater impact.

The Apprenticeship Standards are not just about passing exams but are about developing a broad range of skills, both technical and personal. Our programme includes not just the Accounting Technician (AAT) qualification but also skills training webinars from Mercia. We are keen to work with you to integrate this training closely with the skills development you require of your apprentices in order to be properly effective in their job role.

If you would like to discuss how we can best help you in analysing your training needs and matching them with the apprenticeship training provision being offered, do please click on the following link to select a time on Simon’s calendar for him to give you a call:

Guidance on job roles, job descriptions and daily/weekly/monthly accounts tasks checklists

If you are recruiting for the first time, it is important to have a clear job spec so those applying know what they are applying for. You also want to make sure that, once employed, you make the most effective use of them in the business. We have some tools that we can help you with on this.

Support in promoting your vacancy (on Apprenticeship website, your website and Indeed)

Because of the changes to the funding of apprentices, anyone could be eligible for Apprenticeship funding provided they are aged 16 or over. The key criterion is that the apprenticeship will be developing significantly new skills. This is really important. If the job role at the end of the apprenticeship is exactly the same as at the beginning there will not be this growth in skills and a non-apprenticeship route distance learning course will be more. (We can help with this as well!)

All that is needed to promote your vacancy, is the completion of a Vacancy Template, covering the information required for the government website. We can provide a blank template for your completion. Alternatively, we have developed a number of example templates written to reflect the likely job roles in:

  1. Firms of accountants in practice;
  2. Accounts departments in industry & commerce and for
  3. A finance role in the public sector

Once completed, we will load the information onto the Find an Apprenticeship website. You can decide whether you would like us or you to deal with and screen the initial enquiries. We have found the key aspect is to be as specific as possible in setting out your minimum requirements, academic or otherwise, this making it much easier to effectively screen applications.

If you would like help in your recruitment process, please call 01392 4354349 to speak to our Talent Programme team or drop an email to [email protected] and they will get back to you to discuss the process in more detail. Victoria or Ruth can also advise on promoting your advert on the Government’s “Find and Apprenticeship” website, Indeed and on your own website.

We can promote your Apprenticeship vacancies for free by publishing them on:

Because of the potential for conflict of interest, we only support recruitment of: