Star Student June 2021: Nicky Booth

Personal Tutor: Shannon

In October 2020 I took voluntary redundancy from Retail Banking. I had spent some 25 years in Retail Banking and wanted to ensure I secured a job that encompassed my financial and business experience in any new role.   It became apparent that a vast proportion of financial sector roles required formal qualifications – predominantly AAT. Having researched different learning options I was confident that distance learning would suit not only my pace but the style of learning.  Accountancy Learning stood out due to their glowing reviews and with the help of Moodle and my tutor Shannon I successfully navigated Level 2 developing a strong foundation of the principles that have helped me enormously through my Level 3 journey.  Level 3 has presented challenges along the way both in its style of learning & content however, fingers crossed, I will continue to achieve the results I want for the remaining exams.

Personal Tutor comments:

Nicky is a student who is always a delight to speak with and work with, she seems to always be on top of her game when it comes to her studies and manages to maintain a motivational and proactive attitude, despite the global pandemic. She has done well to recently be awarded a Distinction grade for her Foundation Level AAT, which she wholeheartedly deserves, congratulations Nicky! She submits work regularly and often achieves great results. When feedback is given, Nicky takes it onboard and uses it to then go on and obtain outstanding percentage grades in her exams. Nicky is now halfway through her Advanced level, having sat three out of the five exams in the past couple of months. I have full trust that Nicky will continue to commit herself to her studies to ensure they are completed with what looks to be another exceptional overall grade, I can’t wait to see all of her continued dedication and hard work pay off.