Star Student July 2022: Nyomi Rhodes

Personal Tutor: Kate

I have been studying with accountancy learning for a while now after enrolling for my level 2 with very little knowledge, hoping to gain studies to help a career I was passionate about. They have been nothing but supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process always friendly to help and give advice. I am dyslexic so taken me a slight bit longer than planned, especially with working full time and learning to juggle home studying it has had its challenges. I am now approaching my last couple of exams for my Level 4 which shows anything is possible with some determination and support.

I wouldn’t have found my dream job within the NHS without my studies which as I have gone through has helped with my confidence and self-belief. I look forward to how far I can go in my career and what the future brings! I will always be forever grateful for all the support from a brilliant training provider.

Personal Tutor comments:

Nyomi started with us back in 2017 at Level 2, she is now coming up to the end of her L4 with us. She has had a few wobbles on the way but really does show how with a bit of determination and a lot of effort you can absolutely achieve all 3 levels of the AAT. It is always so nice to see a student go all the way through. The Operations Team are always pleased to see her and have seen her succeed and succeed again and always with an upbeat attitude.