Star Student January 2023: Elle Birch

Personal Tutor: Pat

Studying AAT has bought so many benefits when working within the accountancy practice. With each course, I have been able to adapt what I have learned into real-life scenarios in client’s businesses.  It has also helped me with progressing my career with promotions.  Accountancy Learning have been nothing but understanding and most of all supportive throughout.

Not only did my tutor go above and beyond to make sure I understood everything before an exam but also there was so much material to keep revising over. Throughout my time studying I have had to take numerous unplanned breaks, but my tutor was always there to motivate me back to studying!  Cannot thank Pat at Accountancy Learning enough.

Personal Tutor comments:

Elle is a prime example of someone who never gives up. She first enrolled for L4 in October 2017 and has now achieved her qualification in January 2023. Elle had to work hard to pass her exams and had to face failing an exam more than once. She also had to deal with family illness and bereavement, pandemic, moving house, wedding and more family problems.

Despite all of this, she never lost sight of her ultimate goal and kept working away until she got there. She made very good use of the tutor and other support available from Accountancy Learning and I have been proud to help her achieve her professional diploma.