Marion Watson

Finance Assistant/AAT Support Tutor

I grew up in Vienna, the magnificent Austrian capital on the River Danube. There, I studied Modern Foreign Languages and worked as a teacher for several years, before a mighty south-easterly blew me across the Channel and all the way to Devon.

At first, I felt a bit like Dorothy after having been deposited by the tornado. I knew I had to re-invent myself, but I struggled to get a handle on the place. It is not just the taps that are different here…

Over the next few years, I weathered the intense early stages of family life and gained a PGCE from Exeter University. However, I realised that I needed a new challenge, something that would make it all hang together and give me the chance to eventually combine my talents to good effect.

When I found Accountancy Learning, quite by chance, I instantly felt this was significant. I came in for a chat about the courses and enrolled on the spot. Then, being a passionate believer in education and lifelong learning, I put everything into my studies. After three exams, I was offered a job in the finance department.

To be sure, studying as a working mother feels a bit like doing a three-legged race, with my family strapped to my ankles at all times. It is only by getting up before dawn and keeping to a strict time schedule that I can get everything done. However, I relish the opportunity and the challenge, and I am very excited to find out where it will lead me…

My Motto:

“Never stop learning – I aim for 3 new facts or insights each day!”