Star Student September 2023: Marci Hutchins

Personal Tutor: Clare

My journey began in 1988 when I was 17. I did bookkeeping and payroll as part of a YTS (Youth Training Scheme), but went into Admin rather than accounts.

In 2014 I was stuck in a rut working part-time as a cleaner and needed to relook at where my life was heading. I decided to start the AAT level 2 course with a local college which I completed in 2015.

This helped me gain my current role as bookkeeper in January 2020 but as the only employee with accounting knowledge I had to complete tasks I had no formal training in, such as VAT returns and preparing for the financial year end. This is why I enrolled for the AAT level 3 assistant accountant apprenticeship with Accountancy Learning in November 2022.

I was very apprehensive on whether I was capable as I was approaching 52 and didn’t have a lot of confidence, but I knew I needed to improve my accounting knowledge.

I am so pleased I chose Accountancy Learning for the apprenticeship. The course material is written in a way even I can understand. Clare is an excellent tutor who always responds quickly to my queries and has been so supportive.  I did struggle with the FAPS unit but Clare gave me the confidence to persevere and I passed the exam first time. I am due to sit the Tax Processes exam and feel much more confident this time.

It has not been easy as I have struggled with health issues but Clare and the team at Accountancy learning supported me through that too by doing a break in learning.

Already I am much more confident in my ability to do my job and the accountant who completes our financial year end wrote to management and said she had noticed how much my work had improved with the preparation of the year end since doing the apprenticeship.

Thank you Clare and I am planning to sign up to AAT Level 4 once I complete Level 3.

Personal Tutor comments:

It is an absolute pleasure to be Marci’s tutor and I had no hesitation nominating her for this award. Marci has a very busy life yet always finds time to dedicate to her studies no matter what.

She is thorough in her approach and will always ask where she is not sure, or wants a better understanding, which ultimately leads to her success with her exams.

The topics that Marci is studying are directly relevant to her role and it is great to see her being able to put what she is learning into practice straight away and to hear the positive feedback that she is getting from both her employer and their accountants as to the quality of her work.

I am looking forward to continuing to support Marci with her AAT journey.