Star Student November 2022: Josiah Caunter

Personal Tutor: Ros

I started my apprenticeship with AAT in February 2020, after completing my A-levels the previous Summer. As Covid restrictions started almost as soon as I commenced my accountancy learning, I had to deal with the various restrictions including remote learning. However, during this time and across the remainder of my studies I have always felt very well-supported by Ros.

He has gone over and above to support me in making progress across all areas of my studies and is always on hand to answer any questions that I have. Moving forwards, I feel well-prepared to continue my career in accountancy and am excited by the opportunities that are available to me. Thank you to Ros and the team at Accountancy Learning for all of your help, support, and advice.

Personal Tutor comments:

Josiah had shown a great work ethic while studying towards his level 4 qualification. He’s fortunate to be allowed a study day at work and he uses this to his greatest advantage, starting study before 9 a.m. and finishing close to 5 p.m. as well as doing work in his own time too. He has not found all topics easy but his hard work and determination have allowed him to overcome obstacles along the way.