Star Student November 2020: Jen Edwards

Personal Tutor: Kate

I began studying AAT Level 2 with Accountancy Learning during the first UK wide lockdown in Spring 2020. I have been a primary school teacher for the past thirteen years so it was a bit of a change to be the one studying again. Thankfully, the online video lessons were really helpful and clear which has enabled me to complete the course during the school holidays and evenings.

I needed to fit my exams in around my teaching job so in a moment of madness booked them all for one day. Thank you to Kate, who was invigilating, for helping the day go smoothly even with social distancing rules.

Since then, I have committed to my career change and secured a job with the local city council that will enable me to continue my studies as a Level 3 AAT apprentice –perhaps I’ll take the exams a little more steadily next time!

Personal Tutor comments:

Whilst invigilating in Taunton on the 2nd Nov I noticed we had someone in to sit 4 Level 2 exams, BTRN, BKCL, FAPR and UACS. Jen was here nice and early and managed to fit all exams into one day. Not only that but she managed to pass 3 of them with 84%, 94% and 95%. She won’t get the results for UACS for a few weeks but going by those results she will pass no problem. And she did all of this with a smile on her face! Jen is a basic student and only signed up in April so has clearly been putting her time to good use. She has now booked her synoptic in Dec so that will mean all L2 exams sat in 2 months and completion of the course in 8 months, well done Jen!