Star Student May 2024: Stacey Axman

Personal Tutor: Eleanor (Operations Team)

I began my AAT studies back in 2017. Having worked as an animal keeper for almost 10 years, I had decided it was time for a career change to something less physically demanding. I completed my AAT Level 2 & 3 accounting qualifications which helped me to secure a position as a Trainee Accounts Assistant in 2018, but I stopped my study at that point so that I could focus on my new job and putting some of that study into practice.

Five years on, I decided it was time to finish what I started and complete the Level 4 qualification. I enrolled with Accountancy Learning following a recommendation from a colleague, and I opted for the Self Study package so that I could be fully in control of my own learning and study at my own pace. I found the online portal really easy to use and the study material was really thorough and easy to follow. There were loads of practice questions for every topic which meant I went into every exam feeling really well prepared, even managing to get 100% in one of the modules (Audit & Assurance). I have now completed the Level 4 qualification with distinction.

Personal Tutor comments:

Being a self-study student takes a lot of dedication to keep yourself motivated throughout your studies. Stacey clearly has these qualities in spades, as well as a natural talent for the work. We so rarely see 100% on the Level 4 optional units, so when I saw her result come through, I had a look at her previous exam results and was impressed to see consistently high marks. Stacey sets an excellent example for students who stay consistently enthused and committed to their goals. As she completes her studies with us, I expect she will continue to excel in her future work. Well done Stacey!