Star Student June 2023: Kimberley Holley

Personal Tutor: Sarah

I started my accountancy journey when I first started working for our Family business where I took on the role of Bookkeeping and I decided it best to study the subject matter to be able to do my job properly. My journey did not finish there! I continued with a professional certificate in accounting, and made my way up to the Level 4 AAT Accounting qualification.

This is my first Qualification with Accountancy Learning but I really love the material used and I like having contact with a very attentive tutor. My intentions are not to finish here as I really do enjoy studying accountancy as it is really a very interesting subject to study and hope to re-join with the ACCA to eventually become chartered.

Personal Tutor comments:

Kimberley is a fantastic student. She is very diligent and hardworking and this is evident in the progress she makes. Her attitude to studying is dedicated and she is incredibly focussed on what she is aiming for.

Kimberley uses all the resources available to her from our materials and the AAT resources on the lifelong learning portal. This is clear to see from the questions Kimberley asks in order to clarify her understanding and improve her knowledge.

When working through the resources her attention to detail is meticulous and it is this hard work, dedication and determined mindset that will not only be her pathway to success, but is also inspiring to see.