Star Student February 2022: Archie Clode

Personal Tutor: Ian

I started my AAT studies at level 2 knowing very little about accountancy. But with continuous help and guidance from my tutor Ian alongside the brilliant Moodle lessons and quizzes  I have found myself progressing really well with my studies recently completing Level 2 achieving a distinction, and now passing my first Level 3 exam! During my studies, I have become very passionate about spreading the word about apprenticeships in accountancy and the great career paths it can lead you onto. During my level 2 studies, I undertook a presentation for a local secondary school’s career week explaining everything about accountancy and apprenticeships.

Personal Tutor comments:

Archie was actually one of my first apprenticeship students and since then he has made excellent progress on his apprenticeships and is already part-way through his level three apprenticeship. It was great to see Archie achieve the distinction at level two that he worked so hard for and it’s even better to see him championing the accountancy apprenticeship cause! Well done, Archie!