Flexi-Learn Apprenticeships

If you’re looking for somewhere to train your new or prospective apprentice so that they not only qualify, but become a super star employee, we think you’ve found the right place!

Accountancy Learning is one of the leading training providers for Apprenticeships in Accounting and have won lots of AAT Training Provider Awards over the years.

What makes our flexi-learn apprenticeship programme different:

  1. We can deliver our apprenticeship programme completely remotely.
  2. The apprenticeship training can fit in and around your apprentice’s work routine with the least amount of disruption possible.
  3. Your apprentice can start at any time of the year (we call it “roll on, roll off”). As the AAT exams are on demand, this means that apprentices only sit exams when they are properly ready to do so.
  4. Each apprentice has a personal tutor who deals with all aspects of their apprenticeship.
  5. If you don’t already have an apprentice, we can help you recruit one as part of our service.

If you think that this is of interest to you, what we really need to do is have a chat, to see if what we have to offer is a good fit for you.

Either call us now on 01392 244071, or to schedule a call, just click on the button below which will take you to Simon’s diary where you can pick a slot to suit you.

In the meantime, do click on the button below to request our apprenticeship brochure.
Click on the boxes below for more detail on the full range of support we provide:
Seeking Apprentices
  • We can help you promote your vacancy on the Government’s “Find an Apprenticeship” website

Screening Apprentices

  • Us our FREE Bookkeeping Taster Course and Aptitude Test (to check for aptitude and attitude)
  • Literacy/Numeracy initial Assessment 

Inducting Apprentices

  • The Balancing Act (online, self-study bookkeeping course – can be completed in as little as five days) 

Enrolment and starting the Apprenticeship

  • “Roll on, Roll off” – start at any time of the year
  • “Sign up” is completed remotely

Apprenticeships and Funding

  • See the detailed content and flexible delivery of our Apprenticeship programme
  • See details of our non-apprenticeship distance learning courses

Completion and Progression

  • Although we will agree to a planned end date, the programme duration can be flexed to reflect changes in circumstances
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