Matthew Boddy

“I started the AAT studies with no prior accounting experience except for two weeks of work experience. I began my Apprenticeships straight from completing my A-Levels and haven’t really looked back since!

By doing my AAT studies alongside my role at work, I am learning key concepts from a study perspective and in a real-world context. I have recently completed both the Level 3 qualification for the AAT and also the Apprenticeship programme which runs aside the AAT programme.

I have been attending the ‘drop-in’ sessions run by Accountancy Learning for just over 18 months and in that time, I haven’t had a single complaint. I have always felt welcomed by all members of staff. By attending the drop-in sessions, I am able to see my tutor every week to discuss my progress and to hand in work to be marked, which is always returned really quickly.

The course learning materials are catered for all students by the use of textbooks and in some units, videos on Moodle, by means of listening with diagrams and visuals to help. I have enjoyed the variety as it has allowed me to recap a topic by a different means.

I have felt that by learning at Accountancy Learning and work, I have learnt it quicker and more comprehensively. If ever I have needed their help, I know that Accountancy Learning will be there and on hand to deal with any queries on my whole course.”