Brodie Cook – Albert Goodman, Chartered Accountants

“As someone who has previously completed their AAT Foundation Certificate outside of an apprenticeship, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t initially sceptical of how doing this apprenticeship would actually help me.

However, I think that reading back through my own reflections and seeing where I started this year, compared to where I am now, just shows how much I have developed and grown. I have not only gained a new depth of knowledge and technique across all aspects of the accountancy profession thanks to my Advanced Diploma but also more self-belief than I could have imagined. You can see how evident it is that I have developed in my most recent Personal Development Discussion with my line manager.

At the start of my level three, I felt like I hadn’t really embarked on my “career” as such, due to the fact that I was only just starting out and years from qualifying. However, now I realise that it isn’t just about what qualifications you have, but also your motivation, work ethic and building those valuable relationships with your clients and connections.

Thank you so much, Simon, for everything! This past couple of years working with yourself, Shannon and all of your team has been amazing and you’ve all gone above and beyond to help me through –  I’m really going to miss working with you all!!

All the best for the future, and if I ever find myself down in Exeter (probably the Christmas market again), I’ll be sure to pop in.”