Recruiting? We’re getting close to the key recruitment period within the accountancy profession and we all know how important it is to get the right candidates in place…!! A number of our clients use our bookkeeping induction self-study course, The Balancing Act, as an integral part of their induction training. If you are currently recruiting, […]

Cancelled Accountex…


Cancelled Accountex doesn’t mean cancelled training… It is sad news that the organisers of Accountex have had to cancel the show for 2020. But totally understandable; (it was due to be rescheduled for the 18-19 November this year – Accountex have not shown the latest update on their website yet, but you can register your […]


Bookkeeping Induction With The Balancing Act When you take on new staff, you want them up and running as soon as possible. Getting to grips with debits and credits in double entry bookkeeping isn’t always easy and it can take quite a bit of explanation of the principles to new staff until it finally sinks […]