Promoting your Apprenticeship vacancies

If you have any Apprenticeship vacancies, you probably have your own established process for promoting them.

However, we appreciate that you will want to draw your net as widely as possible in order to attract the best candidates.

To this end, we can also promote your Apprenticeship vacancies for free by publishing them on:

Because of the potential for conflict of interest, we only support recruitment of:

Because of the recent changes to the funding of apprentices, all of the above categories of recruits (not just school leavers) could well be eligible for Apprenticeship funding. The key criterion is that the apprenticeship will be developing significantly new skills.

All that is needed, is the completion of a Vacancy Template, covering the information required for the government website. We can provide a blank template for your completion. Alternatively, we have developed a number of example templates written to reflect the likely job roles in:


  1. Firms of accountants in practice;
  2. Accounts departments in industry & commerce and for
  3. A finance role in the public sector

    Once completed, we will load the information onto the Find an Apprenticeship website. You can decide whether you would like us or you to deal with and screen the initial enquiries. We have found the key aspect is to be as specific as possible in setting out your minimum requirements, academic or otherwise, this making it much easier to effectively screen applications.


If you are interested in using this service over the coming year, please contact Kate on [email protected]. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your training requirements in detail, please contact Simon on [email protected] or on 01392 435349.

In addition to the above, we also run:

Apprenticeship Talent Programme

Clients often ask us “Do you know of anyone good that is looking for an apprenticeship?” Rather than leave it to chance and to reactively wait for prospects to approach us, we have developed a Talent Programme in order to attract, screen and develop those with the attitude and talent to succeed in a career in accountancy. The process involves:

  1. Advertising the programme in specified locations (to meet a known employer need). This is done on our website and on social media, such as via a FaceBook campaign and then establishing a series of “screening criteria”, including
  2. Requiring all those expressing interest to submit a CV;
  3. Enrolling all those submitting their CV onto our Basic Bookkeeping Taster course and;
  4. Requiring them to submit the end of course test within 10 days, with a minimum mark of 90%. Of these,
  5. Inviting them to an interview with us (more recently, this has been conducted on-line via Zoom/Teams). For those successfully “passing” this stage;
    Enrolling them on the full Talent Programme, to include
  6. Enrolment on the Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping course (for free),
    with the intention of allowing them to show their progress in their studies on their CV;
  7. Attendance at drop in classes;
  8. Guidance on CV writing and submitting job applications;
  9. Adding to our Talent Programme Matching Service when we consider their progression on the programme sufficient to justify promotion to our clients.
The above process requires a commitment from the candidate to progress their initial studies, attend our premises and to receive information, advice and guidance – hopefully helping them become more employable and providing employers new recruits who have had a head start and shown the appropriate aptitude and attitude. Although this is provided as a free service, the benefit to us is that these new recruits will subsequently be enrolled onto our Apprenticeship programme.

Apprenticeship Vacancy Matching Service

This is simply the “output” of the above Talent Programme process, where will circulate to employers, details of promising candidates looking for an Apprenticeship in their area. This list will include those at an appropriate stage in the Talent Programme process, plus any other candidates whom we believe justifying circulation to employers – this might include existing distance learning students from the area and those approaching us directly with a relevant academic and work experience background.

We should re-iterate that we are not a recruitment agency, we do not charge recruitment fees and the above service is aimed only at those entering the profession or moving into the area, in order to avoid any conflict of interest with our employer base.

If you have any Apprenticeship vacancies and/or would like to discuss any of the above in more detail, please contact Simon on 01392 244071 or at [email protected]