Virtual Open Day Invitation

Virtual Open Day Invitation

Your invitation to our Virtual Open Day

Are you:

  • An employer who is considering taking on an apprentice?
  • A school leaver who is interested to find out what a career in accounting and finance involves?
  • Someone who wants to retrain in a different career or enhance their current skills base?


If so, our Accounting Apprenticeships Virtual Open Day is a must attend event!

Where is it?

We are holding this as a live online event, using Zoom.

When is it?

The Virtual Open Day is on Wednesday 7 July 2021.

What time is it?

There will be three separate sessions throughout the day. One for employers and two sessions for aspiring apprentices. The timings are:

  • 12.30pm – Employers
  • 1.30pm & 5.30pm – Apprentices (both sessions cover the same topics, we are just offering a choice of times)


The Employers’ Session

What type of employer should attend?

Any employer, whether you are an accountancy practice, a business, in the public sector or a charity, considering taking on an apprentice should attend.

The employers’ session will also be useful to those organisations who know they need an extra pair of hands in the office or accounts function and would like some guidance of what is involved in the current apprenticeship qualifications and the funding and grants available and perhaps looking for help in finding suitable candidates.

Our Virtual Open Day will be a great way to help you formulate your plan.

Format of the employers’ session

The main aim is to give employers the information they need in order to decide whether they want to take on an accounting apprentice, either now or at some point in the future and at what level. Simon Deane, Director of Training at Accountancy Learning, will give a short presentation covering the key points Employers need to be aware of.

This will be followed by an interactive Q & A session, where attendees can either raise questions as part of the group or ask them anonymously in the online chat room.

Simon’s presentation will cover:

  • The different levels of AAT and ICAEW accounting apprenticeships and what qualifications and experience apprentices need to have before enrolling on each level.
  • The types of roles/tasks employers can expect apprentices to be carrying out on the different levels of apprenticeships.
  • How much involvement the Employer needs to have with the apprenticeship.
  • What study methods are available for apprentices and how much time employers need to give their apprentices for studying and exam leave.
  • An update on current apprenticeship funding schemes and grants and the deadlines for being able to claim these grants.
  • The myths that surround employing an apprentice and why these are incorrect.


Employers who would like to attend the 12.30pm employers’ session at the Accounting Apprenticeships Virtual Open Day can reserve their place by clicking on the link below:


The Apprentices’ Sessions

Who should attend?

If you have an interest in accounting or just want to find out more about it as a career option, we strongly suggest you attend the sessions.

Anyone, no matter what their age or background, can be considered for an accounting apprenticeship, depending on what level of apprenticeship you want to undertake.

However, in general we would expect accounting apprentices to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • You must be aged 16 or over.
  • You cannot be in full time education: Apprenticeships are on-the-job and must be in part or full time employment (minimum of 30 hours per week) so you must be able to commit to this to achieve your qualification.
  • In order to start your apprenticeship, you must have 5 GCSEs A-C (9-4 on the new grading system) and these must include Maths and English. If you do not have these then you will be required the related Functional Skills qualifications during your Apprenticeship.


You do not have to be a school leaver in order to be considered for an apprenticeship. In fact some employers prefer to take on apprentices who are either looking to retrain, re-skill or up-skill, or who may be returning to work after an extended career break. Graduates are also eligible to undertake apprenticeships.

Whatever your situation, you will find our Virtual Open Day interesting and informative.

Format of the apprentices’ sessions

As mentioned previously, we are offering two different sessions for aspiring apprentices. The first session is at 1.30pm, the second session will be run at 5.30pm. Each of the sessions will be run by our Tutor and Operations Team, supported by Simon Deane, our Director of Training. You will:


During the sessions our staff will be on hand to give advice on the best route for you and how studying with Accountancy Learning could see you progress through your studies and achieve your AAT qualifications.

To register to attend one of our aspiring apprentice sessions at the Virtual Open Day, please complete the registration form by clicking the relevant link below:


Our Virtual Open Day on 7 July aims to showcase the many benefits of employing or studying for an apprenticeship. We look forward to seeing employers and aspiring apprentices and ultimately to help match suitable parties together in the future.

For more information, please call 01392 244071 or email: [email protected].