Megan Hutchings

My career started as a weekend and evening waitress for a hotel chain while I was studying at Exeter College, I was only there a year when I got the offer to become cabin crew – after all, this is what I studied for at College!

After losing my job as cabin crew (as a result of Flybe going into administration) I was searching for a new career and stumbled across Accountancy Learning. I never thought I would be offered the job, but here I am! With my feet firmly on the ground I am excited about my new journey with all the lovely people here! I have already met some amazing people and can’t wait to meet more.

In my free time, which now means weekends, I enjoy playing football, reading with my new cat Trixie, and most of all baking fabulous cakes (even if I do say so myself)!


My Motto:

“Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.”

— Grandmother Willow (Pocahontas)