Business Development…

Business Development

Business Development for us…. and you!

We have some exciting news at Accountancy Learning! With so many developments affecting the delivery and funding of accountancy training this year we have taken decisive action to beef up our sales and marketing department.

Paul Hollis has been appointed to our newly created role of Business Development Manager. Many of you may already know Paul as he worked for SWAT, now part of Mercia, for over 10 years as their Business Development Manager. During his time at SWAT, Paul worked with accountancy firms from sole practitioners to multi-partner firms across the UK to ensure all their compliance and training needs were met.

Developing our business

Paul’s tremendous experience of the accountancy sector combined with his professional approach to developing relationships with clients are two of the main reasons why we are delighted that he has joined us. However, Paul’s role will be more than just developing Accountancy Learning’s business. He will be working with accountancy firms, businesses and public sector organisations to help them develop their own strategies when it comes to the recruitment, training and development of accounting trainees.

Developing your business

It is this latter point which is very important to us. As a training provider who has acted for some of our clients in various capacities for over 35 years, we see our role as helping you develop your business. You can’t do this without staff and you can do this much, much better with really good staff.

We have therefore developed materials and support to help you:


This training is not just qualification training but also additional technical and personal skills training to help develop a rounded professional. Furthermore, we provide careers advice and counselling, even where their progression training is not with us.

We see our clients as both our trainees and our employers. Often our trainees become our employers! We want to be working with you for the next 35 years as well…….even if some of us won’t personally be involved at that stage! However, we would hope that Accountancy Learning Ltd will still be here and still with some of the younger team members we have now.

And there’s more!

As well as Paul joining us, we have also recruited Victoria Longstaff as our new Apprentice and Employer Coordinator. Victoria has a breadth of experience covering both business development and accounts assistant roles and we have no doubt she will be a great asset to the team. Victoria will also be liaising closely with our clients to help them recruit and train their students. Not only will she be supporting our business development function, she will also be finding time to study towards her AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting with us.

Paul and Victoria will form an intrinsic part of the Accountancy Learning team. They will be working closely with our clients and tutors to ensure our students continue to receive top quality training and support, so that these businesses can develop and prosper with fully skilled staff.

If you’d like to have a chat with Paul to discuss your firm’s business development with reference to future staffing and training needs, you can contact him on 01392 435439. Alternatively, you can email him direct at [email protected].

Paul will be happy chat over the phone or via a Zoom call, or if you prefer and social distancing rules allow, he would be happy to come and meet with you.