Our Apprenticeship Talent Programme

Making yourself “attractive” to a prospective employer – our Apprenticeship Talent Programme

Clients often ask us “Do you know of anyone good that is looking for an apprenticeship?” Rather than leave it to chance and to reactively wait for prospects to approach us, we have developed a Talent Programme in order to attract, screen and develop those with the attitude and talent to succeed in a career in accountancy. The process involves:

The above process requires a commitment from you to progress your initial studies, attend our premises (or maintain at least weekly contact with one of our Talent Programme tutors) and to receive information, advice and guidance – hopefully helping you become more employable and providing our clients with new recruits who have had a head start and have shown the appropriate aptitude and attitude.

Although this is provided as a free service, the benefit to us is that, if successful, you will subsequently be enrolled onto our funded Apprenticeship programme.

We should re-iterate that we are not a recruitment agency, we do not charge recruitment fees and the above service is aimed only at those entering the profession, rather than those already employed in an accounting role, in order to avoid any conflict of interest with our employer base. Because of the high level of support offered, places on the Talent Programme are limited. 

If you are interested in using our Talent Programme service over the coming year, please forward your CV to Victoria on [email protected] with a summary of the role you are looking for and when and your acceptable travel to work area.