About Apprenticeships

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an alternative path to education- it is accessible and flexible making it great for aspiring accountants and employers. It combines working whilst being able to train and obtain qualifications, meaning professions get the skilled workers that they need.

It is a paid position so you earn whilst you learn!

You will get mentoring and support to help you shape your career progression.

Every business needs to manage their finances, from computer companies and graphic designers to football clubs and film studios! Accountancy is a very varied career, whether you work in industry or in an accountancy firm.

The AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualifications are internationally recognised and highly valued by employers, so they are the perfect starting point for you to train for a rewarding career.

An apprenticeship in accountancy will allow you to achieve these qualifications whilst earning good money and gaining valuable on the job knowledge and experience with progressive businesses.

Accountancy Learning supports apprentices all over the South West. With 25 years of experience, fantastic learning materials and friendly tutors, we want to help position you in a job that could be the first step to a super successful career.

Entry Requirements

The Choice


A great start to higher education and one that everyone will know. Choose from thousands of courses, gain your degree and have opportunities to change if you aren’t enjoying the subject! You sit exams at the same time as those in your classes and your studies are for 3/4 years full time.


You won’t be stuck in classrooms sitting in lectures all week, your study sessions will be supplemented by on-the-job training so once you qualify you will already have the experience under your belt; you also get paid whilst you are working towards your qualification so you don’t need to worry about student debts!

You sit exams when YOU are ready, not at set times, with everyone else.

Both methods of study are highly regarded by employers. University is respected for the depth of knowledge and transferrable skills it provides, while apprenticeships are valued for their practical nature and real-life work experience opportunities. You need to find which method suits you best!

Benefits of Apprenticeships

Are you leaving school or simply want to develop skills for your existing job role? Apprenticeships have many benefits that can often be overlooked when you’re going through the process of deciding what to do.

With our programme, we can help you:

  1. Earn while you learn – apprenticeships help you to gain knowledge and skills whilst earning a living. Not only does this include skills required for the job role but also skills that you will learn for future life such as independence, respect, people skills and self-confidence!

Although apprentices usually start on a basic wage, there’s a huge opportunity for your wage to increase within the first year of your training!

Remember your training is an investment in your future. Good investments pay a handsome return!

  1. Gain professional qualifications – AAT qualifications are internationally recognised so you will always be a step ahead for progression within your job upon completion of your apprenticeship. Your AAT qualifications can be applicable within most businesses!


Not only does your apprenticeship give you professional qualifications, but if you do decide to progress it will also make you more employable as new businesses will see on your CV that you are capable of learning new skills, willing to learn new things and also meet the demands of the business.

  1. Use as a stepping stone to further professional qualifications – The Level 2 and/or Level 3 as well as the Level 4 Apprenticeships in Accounting are a natural stepping stone (if you want them to be) to a Level 7 Apprenticeship – which can encompass the ACA, ACCA. CIMA or CIPFA Chartered Accountancy qualifications. You no longer need to go to Uni to become a Chartered Accountant.
  1. You’re not alone! – throughout your apprenticeship, you will always have your personal tutor alongside you, supporting you through every step of your journey. Your tutor will mark your progress tests and guide you through your studies ensuring you have a real understanding of your what you are learning.
  1. Get real “on- the-job” experience – whether you are starting your first job or changing to a different career, apprenticeships are great at easing you into the working environment whilst having people there to help you along the way. Your colleagues will also show you the everyday running of the business and therefore will help you fit into your job role from the outset!
  1. Develop yourself and your career – One of the eligibility requirements for an apprenticeship is that it must enable the apprentice to acquire “significantly new skills” over their apprenticeship. So an apprenticeship can be a great way for “re-booting” your career. The new Apprenticeship Standards require the development of knowledge, skills and behaviours to provide you with the rounded abilities to really push on and achieve your career goals
  1. Holiday?! – Apprentices are entitled to a minimum of 20 days of paid holiday plus bank holidays! You can still enjoy yourself and have a social life! Work-life balance is extremely important and this can help you with your work ethic!
  1. Discounts! – Apprentices are entitled to a TOTUM card as you are classed as a student. This includes money off restaurants, holidays, insurance and many more of your favourite shopping go to’s!

Over 70% of apprentices stay with the company they trained with after they complete their apprenticeship.

Your Journey

What Apprenticeships are offered?

The new Apprenticeship Standards provide an excellent opportunity to add real value to the AAT Training you will receive through the Apprenticeship scheme.

Assessment of these Apprenticeships will be by an “End Point Assessment” and will be graded “Pass” or “Distinction”.

How is the Apprenticeship delivered? What training is provided?

This is a blended programme of learning. Our Level 2 materials comprise on-line interactive presentations with voice-overs and tons of practice activities. At Levels 3 and 4 we introduce more traditional study manuals alongside the on-line materials.


We also run “Drop-in” tutor supported sessions at our venues in Falmouth, Plymouth, Exeter and Taunton. Some of our apprentices attend every week for the whole day, some for half a day, and some as and when they need to.


Because of the distances involved, some study from their offices. Where apprentices don’t attend the drop-in sessions, their personal tutor will contact them each week to monitor progress and provide any tutor support required. They are also available throughout the week to answer questions by email or phone and to mark progress tests and give feedback.