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Wanted! Accounting students and employers across the South West

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused problems for many training providers who have traditionally used classroom based teaching methods. Whilst we have seen some accounting apprenticeship providers across the South West, temporarily (and in some cases permanently) close their doors on teaching from this autumn, that is definitely not the case with Accountancy Learning!

Leading the way

From the outset of the pandemic, Accountancy Learning were able to seamlessly move their ongoing tuition and support from a classroom environment to being online. We had been using a mix of face to face and online teaching methods for a couple of years before the virus hit, but from the start of the national lockdown we were able to ramp up the online training and support our students using MS Teams.

Our tutors use a mix of online training modules, video and phone calls, as well as emails to keep in touch with students and to ensure that their learning continues.

We have also carried out several group team meetings with students who are studying the same level of apprenticeships. In doing so, they can benefit from the social interaction with their peers and interact with each other. Our blog ‘Virtually the best ACA training in the south west’ explains how students on our Level 7 apprenticeship programme have been getting to grips with our online training and the same format is adopted for all levels of accounting apprenticeships that we provide.

However, since September we have also reopened all of our training centres in Exeter, Taunton, Plymouth and Falmouth, adhering to the latest social distancing requirements. We can now offer our students the option to receive face-to-face or online training, or a combination of both.

The apprenticeship provider conundrum

The problem with local training providers not offering accounting apprenticeships is twofold. Firstly, employers may think they don’t have anywhere to send their students for their off the job training. Secondly, students may feel that there is no point starting or pursuing an apprenticeship if they cannot continue with their studies.

Step forward Accountancy Learning! We are continuing to train apprentices and to place them with some of the region’s best employers. As a result, we are actively seeking students and employers throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Later in this blog we give you the names of who to contact at Accountancy Learning to start your journey. But first…….

Employers need to act now!

Now is the perfect time to take on an accounting apprentice. During the summer the Government announced a series of incentives to help protect jobs and provide career opportunities. The main initiatives that are geared towards apprentices are the new wage subsidies. They give employers up to £2,000 for each apprentice they employ between the ages of 16-24 or £1,500 for apprentices employed who are 25 years or over. However, time is running out! In order to qualify for these subsidies, the apprentice needs to be employed before 31 January 2021.

Additional funding

On top of the above wage subsidy, employers can also access an existing apprenticeship wage subsidy scheme which gives £1,000 for each apprentice recruited who is aged between 16-18 years old. So, you could be potentially saving up to £3,000 for each accounting apprentice you employ between now and the end of January.

Plus, employers can claim back up to 95% of the apprentices training costs and this could be increased to all their training costs if the apprentice is aged between 16-18 years and the employer employs fewer than 50 staff.

There really has never been a better time to take on an apprentice and bolster up your business.

Wanted! Accounting students and employers across the South West

Over the summer months we have experienced an increase in students wanting to study for their AAT qualifications via an apprenticeship route, as well as seeing more employers actively looking to take on apprentices.

We are currently interviewing students for apprenticeship vacancies with accounting firms and industry employers throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. If you are an ‘aspiring accountant’ who is looking to develop your career with a local employer, please send your CV to Victoria Longstaff, our Apprentice and Employer Coordinator at [email protected].

Likewise, we are keen to hear from local businesses, accountancy firms and public sector organisations who want to develop their accounts teams. Paul Hollis, our Business Development Manager would be happy to discuss the various apprenticeship employment and training options with you. To arrange a call, please email Paul at [email protected].

Further details about apprenticeships, whether you are an enquiring student or curious employer, can be found on our website at