Accounting Apprenticeships with

Cornwall College

Accountancy Learning have joined forces with Cornwall College to deliver AAT accounting apprenticeships throughout Cornwall. Below we set out they key elements to this new collaboration.

If you’d like to speak to us about hiring or training an accounting apprentice in Cornwall, please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

What accounting apprenticeships are being provided?

There are three apprenticeships available:

Further details about each of the apprenticeships can be found by clicking on the relevant links above.

Who are the apprenticeships suitable for?

Accountancy Learning work closely with employers to understand their requirements and what level of apprenticeship would best suit their needs. As a guide, we would suggest:

Level 2 – is ideal for school leavers or those currently working in a non-finance role.

Level 3 – is great for those with some experience of the accounts function. However, it can also be applicable for school leavers and those with no experience, although additional bookkeeping training may be required. We can advise on this depending on the individual apprentice.

Level 4 – is perfect for those who have successfully completed Level 3 or an equivalent qualification. It can also be a great way for those who have extensive practical experience to gain a formal accounting qualification.

How are the apprenticeships delivered?

We have designed the apprenticeship training to be flexible to fit in with the requirements of employers and apprentices. So, there are different ways to access the training. For the purposes of our collaboration with Cornwall College, apprentices have a choice of attending:

  • Classroom training – Level 3 and 4 modules will be taught at Cornwall College’s Camborne or St Austell campuses on alternate weeks. Apprentices chose which campus they want to attend. Camborne teaching days will be alternate Wednesdays and St Austell is likely to be alternate Tuesdays.
  • Drop-in sessions – in the alternate weeks, when not attending classroom venues, apprentices can attend drop-in sessions. For Camborne apprentices, they can attend drop-in sessions in Falmouth. St Austell apprentices can attend drop-ins also at the same campus.
  • Remote online training – we have developed online interactive training materials which enable apprentices across all levels to access their training. The online training can also be supplemented by online 1-2-1s with a tutor or by attending drop-in sessions at the apprentice’s nearest training facility.


The Level 2 apprenticeship is currently only available online or by attending drop-in sessions. Levels 3 and 4 are available by attending classroom or drop-in sessions, or a combination of both.

When do the apprenticeships begin?

Accountancy Learning operate a ‘roll on, roll off’ system for our training, which enables apprentices to begin their programmes at any time of the year. If Cornish employers are happy for their apprentices to attend drop-in sessions, as opposed to classroom training, these can begin as soon as the apprenticeship has been set up.

If you would prefer your apprentice to attend classroom training at either the Camborne or St Austell campuses, these courses are set to begin from early October 2022.

What conditions must employers meet when signing up to an apprenticeship?

An apprentice must be 16 years or over, although there is no maximum age limit. They could be school leavers, people returning to work, or existing employees who are looking to learn significant new skills and behaviours in a different role within the organisation.

Apprentices must not be in full-time education and must be employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week. If they are employed for fewer hours, the duration of their apprenticeship must be increased on a pro-rata basis.

The apprenticeship must last at least 372 days and employers must allocate 6 hours a week of their apprentice’s normal working hours to ‘Off the job training’. This can include attending classroom training, drop-in sessions or online training.  It doesn’t have to be spread evenly over the apprenticeship but can be front end loaded, rear end loaded to reflect the nature of the role and the business requirements.

Further details about apprenticeships and any funding which is available can be found here.

Free accounting apprenticeship recruitment

In addition to providing an excellent standard of accounting apprenticeships, Accountancy Learning can also help employers to recruit their apprentices. Providing you choose Accountancy Learning as your training provider we provide the following services for free, as part of our unique Talent Programme offering:

  • Free consultation – we can help to identify the accounting skill gaps in your current workforce, create job specs and provide advice.
  • Free Recruitment – to help you advertise, screen, and arrange telephone interviews so that you are provided with a list of good quality accounting candidates.
  • Free Talent Programme – this takes the recruitment stage one step further and ensures that you are presented with only those serious about starting a career in accounting whilst also showing aptitude through our unique online test.


Not only do we aim to present you with the very best apprentices who have the right attitude and aptitude for a career in accounting, we can reduce the time, costs and stress associated with the recruitment process.

To find out more about our superb Talent Programme, please contact Victoria Longstaff, our Apprentice Employer Co-ordinator at [email protected] or on 01392 435349.

Next steps

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